Plastic honeycomb grid WG "Dull green"

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With the use of plastic honeycomb grids, you can create the best possible base layer for WARCO tiles on natural soil with little effort. The plastic honeycomb grids provide a much better foundation for WARCO tiles than concrete or leveled, compacted gravel.

The reason is that a properly laid pavement of grids is long-lasting, stable and has a bearing capacity of about 400 t/m2. The plastic honeycomb grid is open to infiltration, so rainwater flows quickly and naturally into the ground. The surface requires no slope or drainage. The installation of the grids is simple and is usually done without machines and with little earthwork. Often it is enough to remove an appropriate amount of existing soil, spread an approximate 2 cm layer of gravel, level and fix the plastic honeycomb grids with ground spikes, fill them with gravel in a 2/5 proportion, and then place WARCO tiles on top.


476 x 476 x 40 mm
Connecting system
WG (Plastic honeycomb grid)
  • 16,81 € / 4,42 piece / m²
  • Plus delivery costs

    (1,00 kg /  piece)
  • Realisation time approx.

    ​​​​​1-3 days



Dull green The plastic honeycomb grid is coloured in dull green. Due to the manufacturing conditions, significant variations of the colour can occur. However, since the honeycomb grid is a non-visible construction material, the colour differences make no difference.

material Highly selected and uncontaminated polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) from reject lots of new plastic products are processed into homogeneous plastic granulate. As a result, the plastic granulate is free of heavy metals or contamination by metals or external substances. This is an ecological and economical solution, which saves petroleum and energy and reduces the amount of waste. The finished product has the excellent properties of both plastic materials.

Connecting system There are multi-functional ground spikes cast on the bottom side of the honeycomb grid. They root into an appropriate base course and prevent them from horizontal movement. Laid in a surface, the ground spikes positioned at the edge reach the adjacent honeycomb grid and ensure a positionally stable, safe grid connection.

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