Colour sample MF "Anthracite"

EAN: 4251469343894 | Item no.: 4389

The colour sample shows the properties of a specific colour design and helps choose the suitable one.

Properties such as material structure, elasticity, surface feel and density of the colour pattern are generally slightly different to the properties of the finally chosen product. The colour patterns are manufactured only to show the colour design - similarly to the colour sheets at the car dealer's. For this purpose, a large-sized tile is manufactured, then split and cut into handy pieces. That's why normally there are cutting edges visible on the bottom side of the colour sample.

  • 20,00 € / 200 piece / set/200
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    ​​​​​1-3 days



Anthracite A car tyre is made of black dyed rubber (SBR). That's why the rubber granulate made of car tyres is also black. During processing with a colourless binder, black products are made. Similarly to the car tyres, the colour changes in these products after a short time from full black to a dark grey, also known as anthracite.

material The rubber granulate with irregularly formed particles is obtained from discarded tyres. It mainly consists in the high-valuable mix of natural rubber (NR) and synthetically manufactured Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). The material properties of the WARCO preform largely correspond to those known from SBR. A very fine granulate with an edge length from of up to 0.5 mm creates especially even surfaces.

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